HaloFogger® EXT

The introduction of the HaloFogger EXT brings flexibility in positioning the fogger’s nozzle so that the base unit can remain outside of the treatment space while maintaining the precision of disinfectant delivery. The HaloFogger EXT dispenses at a lower volume of mist to treat a wide range of smaller spaces like biosafety cabinets, EMS vehicles and isolators. The nozzle assembly is detachable and additional hose assemblies can be purchased to facilitate faster treatment of multiple spaces.


Treatment Room Size
up to 10,500 ft3 / 297 m3
Fog Time
1–30 minutes
Fluid Output
25 ml (0.85 oz) / minute
Hose Length
Target Dose Concentration
11 ml/m3
Average coverage per gallon of disinfectant
11,500 ft3 / 325 m3
Average coverage per liter of disinfectant
3,000 ft3 / 86 m3
HaloFogger EXT, 5′ Hose Extended Nozzle Assembly,