HaloFogger® Standard

The HaloFogger delivers complete surface disinfection throughout a room at the touch of a button. Based on room size, the HaloFogger delivers a precise amount of aerosolized Halo disinfectant to treat every exposed surface reaching into areas other disinfection methods miss. The HaloFogger can be deployed to easily treat the standard room sizes found in healthcare, long-term care and life sciences facilities, as well as in daycares, schools, athletic facilities and food handling sites.


Treatment Room Size
up to 10,500 ft3 / 297 m3
Fog Time
10–60 minutes
Fluid Output
50 ml (1.7 oz) / minute
Target Dose Concentration
11 ml/m3
Average coverage per gallon of disinfectant
11,500 ft3 / 325 m3
Average coverage per liter of disinfectant
3,000 ft3 / 86 m3