MediDefense Penetrexx

  • Biostatic surface treatment reduces risks of germ-transfer
  • Around the clock germ protection
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic, and non-leaching
  • Supports patient protection mandates

The MediDefense Total Touch Protection Suite is powered by our revolutionary new system of professionally developed disinfectant and protective antimicrobial surface treatments.  MediDefense Total Touch Protection can help medical and healthcare related facilities create a cleaner, healthier environments by reducing the risk of germ transmission in patient rooms, operating rooms, public areas, exam rooms, restrooms, emergency and triage areas, nursing stations, treatment rooms, labs, cafeterias, dietary services and ambulance interiors. MediDefense Total Touch Protection can greatly reduce the risk of pathogenic transmission on virtually every at-risk surface that healthcare professionals, first responders and patients may come in contact with.