Sky 7Xi

SKY 7Xi iPad and Tablet PC Disinfection Device provides fast, easy, and effective disinfection of iPads, iPhones and many other small hand held computing devices.

iPad, Phone and Tablet PC Disinfection: Fast, Easy and Effective
Your best practice disinfection solution.

Daylight Medical SKY Disinfection Technology is effective against cross-contamination and achieves 3- to 6-log reduction (99.9% to 99.9999%* reduction) of harmful pathogens such as MRSA, Norovirus, C.diff spores, MDR-Gram negative bacteria and VRE’s. The ease, speed, and efficiency of the SKY provides benefits to the patient, but also, importantly, protects the staff. This unit can be conveniently located on every floor and in places where doctors gather to allow the easiest point of use.

Our SKY technology allows users to quickly and conveniently disinfect mobile devices as often as required by hospital protocol and in accordance with Infection Control initiatives. More and more, studies are finding that mobile devices like phones, pagers, and tablet PCs are vectors of contamination and wipes simply do not provide the necessary efficacy and non-destructive disinfection required on these devices. SKY does it – fast.

In October 2014, Dr. Curtis Donskey. Cleveland VA, presented his abstract at ID Week: “Evaluation of an enclosed ultraviolet radiation device for disinfection of mobile handheld devices.” Dr. Donskey concluded that “The SKY UVC device is a novel technology for safe and rapid disinfection of healthcare-associated pathogens from mobile handheld devices.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends establishing a protocol for the frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses that can cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) in patients. As harmful bacteria cannot be seen, it is critical for healthcare facilities to enforce best practice disinfecting procedures for mobile computing devices to decrease the likelihood of cross-contamination to patients and fellow healthcare workers.

Mobile computing devices used anywhere and everywhere are pathways of contamination and require careful disinfection to be used safely and freely in the healthcare setting. Tablet PCs and iPads allow quick, convenient access to patient information.  Whether mobile computing devices are owned by your facility or providers and patients bring their own device into the healthcare environment, they present a new set of challenges.

SKY 6Xi disinfects mobile computing devices up to one inch thick, 8 inches wide and 12 inches long. Devices are loaded in the front slot, are disinfected and returned out from the front in 30 seconds or less. (In Max Defense mode, processing takes longer, about a minute in total for a Tablet PC, but generates greater than a 5-log reduction in C.diff spores…)
The SKY 6Xi is safe and effective.

SKY Disinfection technology does not use chemicals or cleaning agents so it will not harm touchscreens. Disinfection effectiveness is constantly monitored with sensors and verification can be displayed with photochromic markers.
Made in USA.