Air Purification

Air sterilization based on the unique AUVS photon multiplication technology has arrived. The CFM BioProtector™ can be easily integrated into an HVAC air duct system or manufacturing air supply system to kill airborne microorganisms. Air Sterilization should be used in environments such as Compounding Pharmacies, Hospitals ICU’s and Critical Care Environments, Food Manufacturing Facilities, and Clean-Rooms. The technology can also be used to protect personnel in buildings and shelters against biological threats such as anthrax and smallpox and to kill other organisms such as SARS, bird flu virus, ordinary cold and flu viruses, etc.

BP246i 3500 CFM BioProtector™

P114i 500 CFM BioProtector™
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BP7912A 60,000 CFM BioProtector™

Bio Protector systems use very high intensity, Advanced UV System (AUVS) technology to rapidly and effectively destroy biological organisms in the air.  The UV intensity produced by the Bio Protectors as much as 100 times that produced by conventional low power UV germicidal systems. As a result, the technology is uniquely effective.  The sterilization effects obtained are significantly greater than those achievable with conventional UV Systems.

AUVS Air Sterilization Technology:

  • Effective against all types of microorganisms
  • 6 log kill (1 million x reduction) of UV resistant endospores, >9 log kill of typical viruses and vegetative bacteria
  • 100 to > 1 million times more effective than standard HEPA filters
  • Reliable 24/7 operation with low power and operating cost
  • Proprietary system design and intense UV technology
  • 16,000 hour service interval for UV source.  

Bio Protector Systems are currently being used in the Pentagon.